Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lessons from a Cow

I came across this story today about how ends up lost on a road, despite the many fences ranchers might put up. I found it kind of interesting, almost insightful, so I thought I would share:

A cow is nibbling on a tuft of grass in the middle of a field, moving from one tuft to the next, and before you know it he ends up at some grass next to the fence. Noticing a nice clump of green on the other side of the fence, the cow stumbles through an old tear in the the fence and finds himself outside o the road. "Cows don't intend to get lost," the farmer explained, "they just nibble their way to lostness!"

Isn't that how it happens in our life? We set out intending to be lost? We set out trying to cut ourselves off from God? I don't think so. I think we find ourselves there it's because we've nibbled our way there. We sleep in on a Sunday. We stay after work an hour or two here or there. We take one project and then another. Before we know it we've nibbled ourselves to a place of lostness in our lives.

If you are one of those people who might be feeling lost today (or when you get to that point) I want to encourage you to try and listen for God's voice... I want you to listen not for what God wants you to do, but listen for how much God loves you. My prayer for you, and everybody really, is that your relationship with God return to a point where it looks like little kids chasing each other giggling, laughing, and unclear as to who is chasing who.

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Pastor Eric said...

"I want you to listen not for what God wants you to do, but listen for how much God loves you." -- I really like how you said this. It is God's love that motivates us to action. I think that, too often, the message is to scare or threaten people into action by telling them "what God wants us to do". I don't think people respond very well to a message like that. What people want to hear is how much they are matter who they are or what they have done.

Thank you for the post.