Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Romans 7:14-25

I think this section is a real tongue twister. It seems whenever I try and reference this section when I'm talking to someone I end up saying, "What I don't want to do I do do" and that just makes the 8th grade boy in me giggle.

That aside, I think Paul is getting at something kind of juicy here. I've had a notion for a while that sin is kind of like an addiction. Just like an alcoholic knows that more drinking is going to be bad for him, will destroy the liver, etc., we also know that continuing to act in sin is bad for us. Yet both of us end up doing what we shouldn't. It seems we just can't help ourselves. Part of the problem is in many ways it feels good in the moment. To cuss out the car that cut you off on the road feels good at the time as it relieves stress. To have sex outside of marriage feels good in the moment. To pass on some juicy gossip about a neighbor feels good at the time. To dig into your job to the point of neglect towards family and/or worship feels good as you see how much your accomplishing. Of course sin feels good, or else I don't think we would be tempted by it. The problem is the price you pay later. Is it really worth the price? No! Do go ahead and do it anyway? Quite often.

There is good news from Paul, though. He reminds us that this "addiction" is really only of the flesh, the earthly portion of us. One day that will die away. Yet, when it comes to eternal, spiritual, matters God is fully in control of that portion of your life. Gracias a Dios! Thanks be to God!!

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