Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bad Math

The devotion I read this morning talked about how we live in world that understands living by law, or as he put it "ungrace." We all know the rules: "No pain, no gain", "You get what you pay for," etc. We live by these rules every single day. Then you sit down and you read the parables of grace that Jesus talks about. You get images of people who have built up such a debt that it is simply impossible for them to repay their debt (kind of sounds to me like that's us), yet they end up being let off completely scot-free. In world of money, bank foreclosures, and a tit-for-tat attitude that is just plain and simple bad math. It is outrageous, ridiculous, and scandalous.

Yet if we slow down and listen we start to hear it as wonderful. If we listen carefully we just might hear the gentle whispers that we, also, did not get what we deserved. The debt of my sin has built up to a point that there is simply no way I could ever repay the price. Yet there is a banquet being prepared for me as write (as you read). These are the whispers of grace that wash over us and sustain us.

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