Monday, October 16, 2006


I was reading through the assigned readings for this coming Sunday's worship and I was particularly struck by two things in the gospel reading from Mark. James and John start out by demanding that Jesus do whatever they wish, like Jesus is some sort of Genie or puppet or something. Jesus simply asks them if they know what they are talking about and asks if they are worthy to drink of the same cup as him. Of course they reply that they are.

What?! Here's what I'm struck by. How bold are James and John? Demanding that Jesus serve them and claiming they are of equal worthiness to Jesus, are they crazy? Nuts? Stupid? All of the above? Then it strikes me further that despite this brash and cocky approach by "the boys" Jesus doesn't get upset. If somebody came to me with that sort of attitude I don't know if I could even give them the time of day.

So this got me to wondering... When is the last time you approached the throne of God with such boldness? When is the last time you claimed your worthiness within the kingdom?

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