Friday, June 12, 2009

Line of Vision

Those of you who have been around me recently know that I think my son is the most amazing child ever. However, from time to time I find myself wishing he would look up at me more. It seems looking down is a lot more exciting. I think it's because he can see himself, see what he's propped up on, and far more likely to find something he can grab and shove in his mouth. I think it's interesting that this is our natural instinct (including shoving our foot in our mouth) for most of us as babies.

As we were sitting out on the grass the other day and I was trying to get his attention it struck me that spiritually we are often the same way. We focus down on ourselves, where we are at or where we have been, and looking around for things we can get our hands on. Meanwhile we could change our line of vision and look up into the face of our heavenly father. I wonder why we don't do that more? I think I need to remember to give that a try.

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Nicole said...

I must admit that I don't really read your blog, only a couple times. I think that God must have needed me to read this post of yours, because it really hit me. I think that lately I have been very self-centered and selfish, definitely focusing only on me and not thinking of my family or God. Thank you, Brad, for sharing!