Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes We Can 2: A Lesson in Stewardship

Did you hear Barack Obama's charge to his supporters throughout the campaign? Did you hear what he asked of them? He asked people to sacrifice. He asked people to give what they could be it $5 or $500. The amount didn't matter so much, but the act of giving mattered more. The result was unprecedented amounts of money flowing through his campaign. The result was unbelieveable support and loyalty that came with remarkable celebrations in the street upon Barack Obama's victory.

I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot like a church stewardship campaign to me. Or maybe it should sound that way. Are we asking people to sacrafice? Are we asking people to give what they can? When people respond to this responsibility of ours as followers of Christ I believe we will find that there is enough money for the ministry as well as a support and loyalty to the ministry of the church. As leaders in the church we need to remember that it's not about us, or our personalities, but it is about the mission that we are trying to accomplish. Barack Obama's campaign in large part was about something bigger than him, something historic. Isn't that true in the church as well?

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