Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here is one of my new favorite songs from the band Third Day. What does communion mean to you?

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Davidx7 said...

I read a book recently about 21st century cowboys (yes they still exist) and I recall a beautiful metaphor about the red, white and blue of the American flag, hanging vertically in a rodeo arena representing bone, blood and spirit. It was not a religious connection in the book, but I made that leap. It has stuck in my mind since, especially the bone and blood part, red and white – wine and bread – a sacrament. Cowboys connecting to the “Spirit of Rodeo” in a way not possible anywhere else. Too weird?

To me communion is exactly that: after confessing I connect with the Holy Spirit in a way not possible in prayer. I partake of the blood and body of Christ, not the real thing which would likely overwhelm me, but a substitute for the real thing. Like watching a really good movie, and all my emotions are in step as if I am living it. Too Weird?