Monday, October 15, 2007


I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior. ~Isaiah 43:11
How often do we hear from pastors and other church leaders that we are called to put God first? How often do we make reference to the first commandment? As I recall (and I very well may be wrong) Martin Luther spoke about this first commandment being the toughest and once that one falls the others all seem to fall as well. (My words, not his) There are a lot of different things that continue to tug at us trying to pull us away from time spent with God, trying to replace God as our top priority.

What sort of things are tugging at you? What are the other gods that you are battling? Is it money? Job? How about sports, that's a big one in this day and age. The big one, I think, is kids. Do you fall into the trap of "worshiping" your children? Who runs the house, you or your children? Who runs your house you or your checkbook? Who runs your life you or your calendar? Where does God fit into your life? Your schedule? Your finances? Your family?

As wonderful as some of these other things are in our lives, why don't you refer back to the opening verse from Isaiah... the "things" aren't going to save us... only God can do that.


Davidx7 said...

The big one of course is money. I fret over money and my cash flow – even though I am blessed with much more than I need. Beyond that I obsess with a need to express myself – to self actualize. I want to find some meaning in my life besides tending my stack of chips. I think this conceit also pulls me away from God and his plan for me. I am rushing around lost in the forest looking for the path to the clearing – not looking at my compass and map, not asking my guide for help.

Brad <> said...

Such easy things to get to sucked into... and how wonderful to confess. Thank you for sharing!