Thursday, September 14, 2006


I like to talk about humility, but it's hard for me. I think the reason that I am fascinated with things like Reality TV people becoming celebrities is because I secretly want to become one as well. I want to the receive the glory, the recognition for what I've don't. Honestly, though, don't we all?

Yet, isn't there something good about anonymity? The Today Show had a report today about lottery winners who have had difficult lives AFTER winning. I'm guessing most of them would have liked to have been able to remain anonymous now.

Today's entry in Our Daily Bread talks about remaining anonymous. When we're in public we begin to worry and fret about things that don't really matter, in the cosmic sense, like what other people think of us. What really matters is what God thinks, not our peers. The author points out that Jesus on at least three different occasions mentioned how you Father in heaven will openly reward you for what he sees you do in secret. You see our acts done in secret are much more likely to be done to the glory of God. In public it is more likely that we do things for our own glory. I know I'm guilty of that.

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