Monday, May 08, 2006

Experiencing Life Together

"Life is meant to be shared." Amen to that. Today, Warren talks about our need for fellowship. We often pay lip service to fellowship. We have a fellowship hall. He have "fellowship" after worship, which basically means socializing over a cooking and maybe some coffee.

Today, however, Warren reminds us of our need for real fellowship. Real fellowship is a group of people where you experience mutual support, mercy, and are able to be genuine and real. So often around church we put on a mask, a good face, smile and tell people we're okay. Within authentic fellowship we can admit to our weaknesses, our struggles, our hurts, and our ugly warts. We so often want to hide those things in the darkness so others can't see them. However, we are called to live in the light where all of our faults are visible.

So I ask you, where do you find real, true fellowship?

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